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Homebound Delivery Service

All patrons who are physically unable to visit the library due to permanent or temporary illness or disability are invited to register for Homebound Delivery Service.  The service is free and offers homebound patrons the opportunity to continue to enjoy library materials.  Volunteers and library staff will assist in item selection and deliver and retrieve items at your home at your convenience.

Eligibility & Rules:

  • Physically disabled
  • Chronically ill
  • Seniors/Elderly non-drivers and/or those confined during winter months
  • Temporarily ill or injured and patrons recovering from surgery with confinement
  • Must have library card (we will assist you in obtaining one if needed)
  • May borrow any circulating Yates Community Library materials
  • Specific items may be requested
  • Items may be renewed if there are no outstanding requests

You can request service online or print and mail a form to request service.

Volunteers to deliver to homebound patrons are welcome. Print off the form and let us know about your availability!

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