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About the Yates Community Library

Mission Statement:

Yates Community Library logoThe Yates Community Library aims to provide current materials for education, enjoyment, enrichment and life long learning to the residents of Lyndonville Central School District and surrounding areas, with special attention to children, young adults and older citizens; to provide resources and facilities for maintenance of the region’s heritage and history and to act as a gathering, learning, and cultural center for the community.

History of Village of Lyndonville:

The Village of Lyndonville was established in 1903, the last village to be incorporated in Orleans County. The first business center was the Town of Yates at Yates Center but in 1827, the center shifted to Lyndonville because of the waterpower provided by Johnson's Creek. The opening of the Rome-Watertown-Ogdensburg Railroad in 1876 gave Yates easy access to markets and Lyndonville became a local market center.

Today, Lyndonville is a picturesque village set on the Ontario Lake Plains amidst orchards, fields and Amish farms. The Village is noted for its small town charm, Independence Day celebration and award winning apples.

History of the Library:

In about the mid 1900's, a small group of citizens met to begin a lending library.  The first collection was housed in the town hall. Later, the collection was moved to various buildings in downtown Lyndonville until 1971 when it settled into the handsome brick building it now occupies.  The current building was built on land donated by the William A. Smith family with a sweeping view of Lyndonville Pond, the dam, waterfalls and Town Park.  Dedicated to his wife, the Mary Smith Memorial building was built by a community fund drive led by James W. Whipple with a core of $30,000 also donated by the Smith family.  On June 19th, 2006, this same building was rededicated following renovation and redecoration costing approximately $50,000.  

Today the Yates Community Library seeks to serve the citizens of the Town of Yates and the Village of Lyndonville as a cultural center, learning center and a window on the world.  It offers computer access, current periodicals, a varied collection of books, and access to the central NIOGA System and various adult/family/child learning venues.  The library hopes to provide our beloved rural village of Lyndonville with an ever broadening scope of services for personal growth. Learn more...

Board of Trustees and Staff Members:

The seven members of the Library Board of Directors are elected by the voters in Lyndonville for three year terms. The terms are staggered so that three positions are elected every two years in the November election.

Among other roles, Library Board members are responsible for controlling the expenditures of all funds credited to the Library, adopting an annual budget for the Library, appointing a library director and setting policies regarding the use of the Library. The Board also has the responsibility to see that adequate funding is provided and to adopt short-and long-range plans for the Library's future growth and development.

YCL Board meetings are open to the public. All decisions regarding the library are a matter of public record.  The Board reserves the right to private closed door meetings to discuss policy and personnel matters as executive sessions.

President: Thomas Wenhold
Vice President: Gail Foss
Secretary: Virginia Hughes
Treasurer: Jim Watson
Trustees: Herbert Bohnet, Patricia Mumau, Kathy Sillick

Director: Emily Cebula
Library Assistants: Kelly Cousins, Pam Durow, Margaret French
Website Administrator & Technology Trainer: Kelly Cousins
Substitute Clerk: Brenda Whipple


Go Art!YCL receives the majority of its funding via a public referendum in conjunction with the Lyndonville Central School District. The school district also collects the money and transfers it to the library for general operating expenses. Additional funding sources include, but are not limited to, NYS, GO ART, Orleans County, grants, and private donations. Miscellaneous income includes, but is not limited to, and library fines for overdue items. The library may, from time to time, carry out special fund drives to augment the above sources of income.


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